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There was never a set definition for my life
The Blood That runs through my Veins Is Chamomile Hi Abby here! Im 20, Female, British, Virgo, avid KPOP lover! I am an ELF through and through. Suju is my number 1 Kpop love. My number one Kpop guy is Kangin! my 2 and 3 are Donghae and Geng <3 . I write fanfics, I listen to music constantly. I watch movies all the time. Creeping behind the garden wall> I ship 2woon so hard i love them so much!

I met Woody and Lol from This is England today. 

Joseph and Vicky!  <3

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    is he trying to cop a feel or
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    Is he like trying to grab her boob?
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    Why does it look like Joe was about to grab her boob, though? LOL.
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    Awww! What has he done to his face? I hope it was a door and not a fist. Excited for the TIE’88 commentary. Not going to...
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